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Introducing: The Craftbot Plus Pro

Introducing: The Craftbot Plus Pro

Already known for being the makers of excellent 3D printers for those looking to print with high quality on a budget, Craftbot’s new release of the Plus Pro printer now features a glass print bed technology. Unlike some standard acrylic print beds, the Craftbot Plus Pro print bed has a high resistance to abrasion, ensuring a smooth base print without slipping or poor adherence.

One notable feature of tempered glass is its high elastic modulus, which allows it to stay stable and flat throughout a print under higher temperatures. Bed leveling calibration can be performed for a Craftbot Plus Pro printer using the same principles as past models, by moving the 0.3 mm card (standard business card thickness) provided by Craftbot to measure the distance between the nozzle and the heat bed. Although regular calibrations should always be performed, glass print beds are more resistant to temperature fluctuations and can retain their properties through each print. 

Additionally, the Craftbot Plus Pro printer is equipped with an all-metal print head, which are ideal for preventing filament obstruction and enhancing the printing capabilities of a variety of doped filaments (the Craftbot can print PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET, nylon, and much more). 

This model print head also supports an active cooling mechanism to prevent any excessive extrusion of filament and creating less waste during a preheat. 

Overall as a 3D printer, the Craftbot Plus Pro has an easy, interactive interface suited for both the amateur and seasoned 3D print enthusiasts, as well as its own unique software: Craftware. Craftware allows CraftUnique users to interact with their prints in real time, allowing the user to modify their print before and during its creation, and can be used for any other gcode files as well. For a moderate price, Craftbot 3D printers provide the whole package, glass heatbed and all-metal extruder included.

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