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Delta 3D Printers

Delta-style and Cartesian-style FDM printers have the same main parts, such as the extruder, bed, or motors — they’re just arranged and placed differently. As such, you wouldn’t be able to tell for sure whether a finished print was made with a delta 3D printer.

Delta printers print with the exact same filament as well, such as PLA, ABS, flexibles, and other exotic filaments.

And that’s where the similarities end.

Delta printers are built for fast printing, with heavy motors and extruders fixed on the sides and top. The toolhead is kept very light and minimal so that the printer can maintain high accuracy at high speeds.

The bed of a delta printer is usually circular instead of rectangular, and it never has to move. Though the average bed size is pretty small, the build height tends to be much taller than Cartesian printers. As such, a typical delta 3D printer has a print space that looks like a tall cyclinder.

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