While its original workhorse was garnering top accolades, MakerGear was chomping at the bit to introduce its next generation of 3D printers. The MakerGear M3-SE and MakerGear M3-ID were unveiled at the RAPID + TCT 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing show in Pittsburgh in May 2017.  

The M3 series offers advancements built on MakerGear’s precision-machined systems and designs, emphasizing performance and enabling continuous, 24/7 operation. With features like True-Leveling™, wifi connectivity, wireless control and an integrated user interface, the M3 series has made it easier than ever to leverage the advantages of 3D printing. 

The M3-ID offers a fast, efficient and reliable solution to the growing demand for multi-material and soluble-material 3D printing. With its independent dual extruders, it has enabled businesses and professionals to double their production speed for single-material prints. For professionals new to 3D printing or for those looking to keep it simple, the M3-SE has made it easier and more cost-effective than ever to harvest the benefits of professional 3D printing.

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