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Refurbished/Open Box

Buying a refurbished or open box 3D printer from Project 3D Printers is a great way to get into fully functional machine at a tremendous discount.  We repair and test every 3D printer we list here to make sure it works properly.  Many of these 3D printers  are still eligible for support and/or even covered under warranty.  And for the few that aren't, we're always happy to help with any set up questions or troubleshooting, so you won't be on your own.

Refurbished Demo Units 

Our refurbished demo units are printers that were sent out as new units for the purpose of demonstrations.  Once returned to the manufacturer they are repaired and restored to fully functional machines.  Their service repairs are noted and hours of use are documented.  They may have small scratches that are cosmetic defects, only, and will not effect performance in any way.  ***No Returns Accepted, Final Sale***

Open Box

Our open box units were sold brand new and returned as opened and unused or   lightly within the first two weeks of purchase and returned due to buyer's remorse or discovery that the machine didn't suit their initial needs.  All machines are tested for full functionality and performance.  

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