Made of high-performance aluminum alloy and processed with anodic oxidation, F350/F250 features supreme durability and reliability.

High Precision

We pursue quality to offer high precision and accuracy. With F350/F250, we've managed to step it up a notch—producing detailed prints is the least F350/F250 can do.


Everything You Need

Custom Software: Snapmaker Luban

Snapmaker Luban is the software tailor-made for both experienced and inexperienced users of Snapmaker machines, complementing your maker journey. And yes, it's for free.

5-inch Touchscreen

The 5-inch Touchscreen is big enough for comfortable operation. Better yet, its intuitive navigation makes for flowing and effective user experience.


Ease of Use

Auto Leveling

Effortless auto leveling. Just a few taps, and witness all the intelligent work done.

Flexible Print Sheet

Release your print with one single flex.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Unbounding you from USB devices and cables, Wi-Fi connectivity eases your file transfer.

Easy To Assemble

A toy-like assembly procedure: smooth and pleasant.


Smart Recovery

Filament Runout Recovery

Reports the runout and recovers the previous job after you replace the filament.

Power Loss Recovery

You can resume the interrupted printing job after a power loss.



Size Comparison


Dimensions (W × D × H):
495 × 506 × 580 mm

Work Area (W × D × H):
320 × 350 × 330 mm

Max Heated Bed Temperature:


Dimensions (W × D × H):
405 × 424 × 490 mm

Work Area (W × D × H):
230 × 250 × 235 mm

Max Heated Bed Temperature:


Tech Specs

Layer Resolution:  50-300 Microns

Nozzle Diameter:  0.4 mm

Max Nozzle Temperature:  275ºC

Supported Materials:  PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, wood-filled PLA, more being tested

Frame Material:  Aluminum Alloy

Data Transmission Methods:  Wi-Fi, USB cable, USB Flash Drive

Touchscreen Specs:  5 in., Adroid OS, Quad-core 1.1 GHz ARM Cortex-A7

Supported Software:  Snapmaker Luban or third-party software

Supported File Types:  .stl, .obj, more formats being added

Supported OS:  Windows, macOS, Linux

Rated Power:  320 W

Package Specs

Package Dimensions:628 x 550 x 323mm (F350); 553 x 535 x 320mm (F250)
(W × D × H)

Package Weight:  24.2 kg (F350); 20.6 kg (F250)


In the Box:

  • 3D Printing Module x 1
  • Linear Module x 5
  • Touchscreen x 1
  • Touchscreen Holder x 1
  • Z-Axis Holder x 2
  • Controller x 1
  • Power Module x 1
  • Converter x 2
  • Base Plate x 1
  • Support Platform x 1
  • Heated Bed x 1
  • Print Sheet x 1
  • Calibration Card x 2
  • Quick Start Guide x 1
  • Filament x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Toolhead Cable x 1
  • Y-Axis Conversion Cable x 1
  • Z-Axis Conversion Cable x 1
  • DC Power Cable x 1
  • AC Power Cable x 2
  • Filament Holder Sheet x 1
  • Filament Holder Tube x 1
  • Tool Box x 1


After-sales Service

1. The major modules of the Snapmaker Modular 3D Printer F350/F250 are covered by a 1-year limited warranty for the customers from the Non-EU countries and 2-year limited warranty for the customers from the EU countries according to the terms and conditions stated at Snapmaker's Limited Warranty.

2. Return & Refund Service will be provided where it is requested within seven (7) calendar days of receiving Snapmaker Modular 3D Printer F350/F250.