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3D modeling software

When you wish to design the 3D printable model on your own, get a 3D modeling software tool that outputs your digital model in the standard STL or OBJ format. There is a wealth of more or less powerful tools for this purpose – we selected a few recommended tools.

Slicing software

A slicing software is something you definitely need for 3D printing. The slicing software converts a digital 3D model (a STL or OBJ file) into printing instructions for your 3D printer – i.e., it generates so-called G-code. The G-code then is sent to the 3D printer where it is executed and turned into a 3D printout.

The slicing software cuts the model into horizontal layers (slices); the printer outputs one layer after the other. Additionally, the software also creates the paths needed to fill the layers and to build the support structures. It also calculates the amount of material required.