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FLUX Video Tutorials

Short Video Descriptions PDF

Beam Air Features, Facts, and Compatibility

 FLUX Beam Air Unboxing

Beam Studio Software - The Basics

FLUX Beambox Compact 40W Assembly

Beambox Compact 40W Features and Facts

Beambox Compact 40W First Test Prints

Beambox Compact 40W Unboxing

Beambox Pro 50W Assembly


Beambox Pro 50W Unboxing

Beambox Rotary:  Use and Set Up

Beamo Assembly

Beamo Features and Facts

Beamo Rotary: Use and Set Up

Beamo Unboxing

Camera Calibration on Flux Laser Cutters 

Checking if the honeycomb tray is level

Draining and Filling the Water Tank on a Flux Laser Cutter

FLUX Firmware Update

Replacing the Laser Tube on a FLUX Laser Cutter

FLUX beamo Review

FLUX beamo Unboxing and Basic Setup